TOWER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC is a leading Midwest tower construction company capable of performing a wide variety of construction services.  From raw land tower sites to network upgrades and tower inspections, TOWER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC consistently delivers professional results.


At TOWER TECHNOLOGIES,LLC we conduct ourselves accordingly.


We provide only the best climbing and safety gear to our employees.  Each member of every crew is educated and trained to properly use, inspect and maintain their climbing and safety gear.


Our crew leaders are experienced tower construction professionals with industry knowledge of erecting and maintaining self-support towers, guyed towers, monopole towers, co-location set-ups and rooftop systems, among others.

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    Our experienced climbers are qualified to perform a multitude of services at great heights.  With in-house SPRAT Certified technicians, our crews are trained and retrained in safety, standard operating procedure and the proper use of rope.  We believe most services can be performed more efficiently and cost effectively when performed on rope.  Rope maneuvers eliminate the need, in many cases for heavy equipment rentals and operators.  Our emergency response team is prepared on call for disaster assistance or recovery.  Likewise, we offer less urgent services such as aerial rigging, welding or component installations.


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    Each crew member is trained and certified to inspect, install and maintain the industry’s most popular brands of connectors and transmission lines. We offer services including but not limited to line and connector installations and ice shield and bridge installation. We co-locate new equipment on any suitable existing structure. We install antennas and lines on any type/size tower as well as rooftops, smokestacks, billboards, water towers, or any other commercial, civic or residential co-location project. Each antenna and line installation is verified by industry standard testing such as sweep testing and PIM testing. Quality assurance and trouble-shooting are related services with which we excel.


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    Our tower construction company offers services beyond the tower. We are experienced and prepared to provide:
    − Access road installation and maintenance
    − Fence installation and maintenance
    − Underground electrical, gas and telephone service trenching
    − Earthwork/grading
    − Excavation
    − Erosion control and drainage
    − Landscaping
    − Vegetation control
    − Snow removal


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    Tower Technologies, LLC can provide installations, commissioning, testing and maintenance service for indoor and outdoor Disbributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Small Cell systems.  We have experience installing indoor DAS systems in buildings and carrier Small Cell units in urban areas.  Our employee have the expertise to install, maintain, test and troubleshoot equipment and systems.  Our skilled employees have a history of building trust with our customers by focusing on quality, time performance and safety.

DAS/Small Cell

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    In the event of a disaster we offer damage assessment services. We can inspect and audit a tower site to provide post disaster equipment inventory and emergency repair directions. As well as auditing a post disaster tower site, we provide recovery services on any type/size tower. We can rebuild or repair your tower. Our team has the ability to provide a Cell on Wheels (COW) installation in order to maintain a site’s operability while the original tower is being repaired.


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    We offer complete turn-key site development for raw land towers or co-location developments. We offer consulting, project management and project design for the construction of commercial, municipal or government commissioned projects. We handle utility and sub-contractor coordination, material management and follow up inspections. Upon completing a project we deliver a complete set of close out documents that include:

    − Red lined drawings− site photos
    − Sweep testing reports− ground resistivity reports
    − Tower height verification− concrete strength report
    − Inspection reports required by the building and electrical permits



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    When using a crane is not an option gin poles are an essential piece of equipment for erecting guyed towers, self-supporting towers and installing antennas and lines.  Tower Technologies LLC performs gin pole work in compliance with the latest TIA standards for gin pole work.  Gin poles can be very safe and effective means to perform tower work without a crane.


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    We provide a comprehensive grounding solution. We install conventional and chemical grounding systems such as ring grounds, halo grounds and lightning arrestors. Our work is compliant with industry standards including EIA/TIA 222 standards and Motorola R56 Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites. Our grounding systems are designed to meet any local, state or national code standards. We can administer 3 point fall of potential tests to measure soil resistivity tests.


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    We are a state licensed Electrical contractor with a Certified Master Electrician who has extensive experience performing all general electrical services. We can fully service a tower site’s electrical needs. Services we offer include but are not limited to:

    − Load Center Assembly − Generator Installation
    − Telco Installation − Equipment Change-Out
    − Conductor Terminations − Card Access Systems
    − Closed Circuit Television − Conduit Installation
    − Designing Renewable Energy Systems
    − Installing Solar Photovoltaic Systems
    − Installing Wind Energy Systems


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    We can install the most complex components of a point to point or multi-point designed microwave system on a tower or other existing structure. We provide a complete installation including commissioning, precision path alignments, and testing reports. We install all types of wave guide and microwave coax including airline systems, among others.


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    Tower Technologies, LLC can service any type of high end networking equipment on towers, buildings or other co-locations. Our goal is your success. Our tower maintenance services will keep your tower standing, keep the networking equipment online, avoid liability risks to authorized and unauthorized peoples alike and keep the cost of ownership low while maximizing the towers value. Our crews are trained to inspect, install, troubleshoot and replace telecommunications equipment, connectors, lines or any other tower component. We are equipped with the most effective diagnostic testing equipment.


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    We will provide comprehensive tests of installed networking components to determine effective system performance. Our Passive Inter-Modulation testing experts will find loose RF connectors, poorly prepared RF cable terminations, misaligned parts, de-formed mating interfaces, water infiltration, metallic debris, cracked solder joints and/or loose fasteners. Our sweep testing experts will locate and remedy bad connectors, defective jumpers, uneven cable tension or other cable flaws.


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    We guarantee our work and follow up on a project with quality assurance inspections. We are qualified to inspect all tower work and have performed numerous successful tower erections and network installations. Our experience as tower industry professionals is of the highest caliber. We use high quality laser range meters to measure tower heights to 1/100th of an inch. We guarantee our site audits to be highly professional and thorough.


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    We have experience offloading and installing prefabricated shelters, generators and other large equipment. As part of a turn-key site construction project or as a separate service we can effectively handle your offloading needs. As a site general contractor we will insure a successful shelter offload by coordinating with the shelter manufacturer and crane services and supervising the rigging, lifting and setting procedures.


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    We can install many types of towers. Since 2002 we have a successfully erected numerous towers including the most common types: guyed, self-support, monopole. We also erect MET towers, stealth installation towers and horizontal access wind turbines. We are an established tower erector and a member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE). We are highly motivated at success and are entirely committed to safety. Safety training is routine at Tower Technologies, LLC.


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    We are qualified to perform comprehensive tower inspections. Following an inspection we furnish a report to clients including tower state, pictures, recommendations and EIA/TIA standards compliance satisfaction or issues. Inspection services performed include, but are not limited to:

    − Site Audits
    − Tower Mapping
    − Tower Analysis
    − Ultrasonic Inspection
    − Ground Resistance/Meggar Testing
    − Quality Assurance


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    We can install, replace or repair tower lighting systems. We can diagnose malfunctioning lighting systems or perform preventative maintenance on current lighting systems. We can re-lamp any current system. We offer consulting on tower lighting upgrades and replacement. We recommend LED lighting. Whether installing a new system or retro fitting an existing system, LED lighting performs more efficiently and has a longer service life.


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    Tower Maintenance, modification and repair is a specialty at Tower Technologies, LLC. We can maintain or repair any tower or high standing structure. Our maintenance services include but are by no means limited to:

    − Repair− Equipment Change-Out
    − Plumb and Tension− Guy Wire Replacement
    − Guy Coating− Guy Wire Anchor Corrosion Control
    − Anchor Replacement− Site Grounding
    − Antenna Repair− Inspection
    − Lightning Protection− Lightning Damage Repair
    − Restoration− Structural Reinforcement
    − Retrofitting− Structural Upgrade to TIA/EIA Standards


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    We provide a full service site demolition or tear-down. We dismantle any type of tower including guyed, self-supporting or monopole. Towers or structures will be demolished in accordance to federal, state and local regulations. We can dispose of and recycle a tower, organize disassembled tower onsite or disassemble and transport for reinstallation, per customer request. After demolition we can service the site with landscaping in an effort to return it to its original, natural state.


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    Our aerial welding team is skilled at welding at heights on all types of high standing structures. Our welding safety awareness and practices in fire prevention ensure professional effective results without damage to your structure. We fabricate custom components and mounts on site or at our facility. We can arrange for certified welding inspections to ensure your tower site is compliant and maintains standards satisfaction over its lifetime.


TOWER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC was formed in 2002 by rock climbers with a passion for climbing.  Recognizing an immediate need for new safety and quality standards in the tower industry, Tower Technologies, LLC was formed to lead by example with the foundation of “Setting New Standards for Safety and Quality”, to break the mold of a “typical tower company”.


Tower Technologies, LLC is recognized as a leading Midwest communications tower construction company capable of performing a wide variety of construction services, from raw land tower sites, network upgrades and tower inspections.


Our experienced crews are passionate about what they to do, taking a personal responsibility to safety and attention to detail with a sense of urgency.


First Aid, CPR and AED
Connector Training, Teletilt Systems, PIM Fundamentals, Terrestrial Microwave Systems, VSWR Fundamental

Fiber Optics

Site Master Line Sweep
Fundamentals of Rigging

Competent Tower Rigging

Tower Climbing
Safety and Rescue

30 Hour Training
10 Hour Training

Member National Association of Tower Erectors
Member NATE Star Initiative


Tower climber

TOWER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC is a leading Midwest tower construction company that performs an assortment of construction services. From tower erection and network upgrades, to tower modification, TOWER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC consistently delivers professional results safely and efficiently. At TOWER TECHNOLOGIES, LLC you will be treated with respect and dignity. We recognize that our greatest asset is our employees. We are dedicated and committed to providing a safe and drug-free working environment for all of its employees.

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